Four By Four


Addictive and fun, yet the most challenging solitaire card game you have ever played.

Fill the grid with cards from the draw pile. Then remove pairs of cards whose ranks add up to 10, and cards with a rank of 10.

Face cards have special homes of their own. Kings must go in the corners. Queens must go in the top center and bottom center cells. Jacks must go in the side center cells. If a face card is dealt off the deck it must have a unoccupied cell for its kind or you lose. Oh, and once a face card is played it cannot be removed. That cell is frozen.

Once all of the cards have been dealt, and all of the non-face cards have been removed in pairs of 10, you win!

Badges will be displayed on the screen based on your win percentage once you get over 3%.

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Checks & Notes

Checks & Notes

A simple notepad and checklist produtivity aid.

It's free with no ads.

Features include import and export of notes and checklists.

Backup files can be AES-256 encrypted for safe, private storage in the cloud.

Several customization options for text size, color and font.

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